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Things to do in Ohakune

Great outdoor activities around Ohakune, Central Plateau Region, NZ There are many things to do for individual travellers and families travelling through Ohakune, New Zealand, such as skiing in winter, mountain biking, canoeing/kayaking, hiking and climbing.  Ohakune is a great…

Things to do in Turangi
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Family Things to do in Turangi

Family Things to do in Turangi, Great Lake Taupo, New Zealand Family things to do in Turangi are plentiful in both summer and winter.Things to do in Turangi and the areas close by include climbing walls, white water rafting,…

Great Lake Taupo Cycle Trail
Mountain Biking

How to ride the Great Lake Taupo bike trail

The Great Lake Taupo Bike Trail has had significant investment in recent years.  There are a bunch of different ways to ride the Great Lake Taupo Bike Trail.  Official websites describe flexibility to cycle it in every direction or…

2 kayakers in single kayaks on Lake Taupo
Top Things To Do

Tips from a local how to enjoy a holiday in Taupo

If you’re travelling around NZ then you must visit the beautiful Lake Taupo!  There are so many great things to do like kayaking, biking and paddleboarding.    Everyone will find something to enjoy, it’s great for families and thrill…

Mountain Bike helmet selection
Equipment Mountain Biking

Choosing a Bike Helmet in New Zealand

Getting the right bike helmet could save your life! All bike helmets sold in New Zealand and Australia must meet a government approved safety standard, so you can rest assured that no matter what you buy from a legitimate…

Mountain biking rules in New Zealand
Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking Rules in New Zealand

Know the mountain biking rules in New Zealand so you stay safe and have an epic time! New Zealand’s mountain biking trails range from easy to epic, with special sights and scenery that take riding adventures to a whole…

Summer icecream
Top Things To Do

10 Must Do North Island Summer Activities

Enjoy the summer with these must do North Island Summer Activities This is a special post by a guest writer, Nicola Bones-Smallwood, an intrepid world traveller and a vocal supporter of New Zealand.  Nicola spends as much time as…