Not using chat? Learn why you’re losing customers without even knowing it

Facts about travellers:

1.     Travellers want answers to their questions immediately

2.     If travellers have questions they’re uncertain and not going to book until they’re answered.

3.     Chat is now the most popular form of communication

Yonder can help solve this problem with a tourism specific chatbot

Virtual assistants can answer questions immediately, if trained and built well.  They’re not going to answer 100% of questions but they’ll answer a lot.  Each business gets around 20 commonly asked questions – maybe people haven’t read the website, they’re looking for extra re-assurance, or maybe they just didn’t understand something.  The chat is another way to engage and ask a question. The virtual assistant is there to provide answers, or acknowledge someone when it doesn’t know and then gets the details of that person for you to respond later.

Yonder’s experience is 35 – 65% success rate at answering questions immediately, depending on complexity of the business.

The benefits of a virtual assistant:

If each of those conversations takes:

5 minutes staff time,

a potential $200 booking,

and you maybe 5 chats per day

then even in the low case of 35% success rate responding immediately then 50conversations a month get immediate answers which equates to:

over 3hours of staff time saved

$12,000 influenced sales in that month.  

That is a great return on investment!  And it’s from existing website traffic, no extra marketing spend.

Why choose Yonder’s virtual assistant?

Yonder builds tourism specific virtual assistants, it’s the sole thing they focus on.  They have built unique AI technology which means tourism businesses can be up and running quickly. Their AI is based on hundreds of thousands of conversations, which one tourism business by itself could never achieve.  That means they can deliver best in class results.

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