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What are the NZ Cycle Trails?

The NZ Cycle Trails are a collection of Great Rides, Heartland Rides and Urban Cycling Networks around New Zealand.  These total around 2,500km total route length. Many of theses NZ Cycle Trails are relatively new while others are recently…

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North Island Mountain Biking trip

The North Island has a lot of great mountain biking trails and mountain biking parks.  The varied landscape in the North Island makes for a spectacular variety of trails within a small radius.  The coast is never far away,…

Mountain biking on a mountain bike park trail, jumping over a flow jump
Mountain Biking

Best Mountain Bike Parks in New Zealand

No matter where you are in New Zealand, you won’t be far away from some great mountain bike parks.  These best mountain bike parks in New Zealand all have love and attention from local clubs, businesses and communities to…


Blast off

To our friends, family, and new friends, Today we launched Leap to the world – making it possible to search and book hundreds of outdoor rentals, trips and lessons in one place. On a sunny weekend in October 2016…